WordPress VS Weebly

WordPress and Weebly are both CMS tools; Weebly is a very simple WYSIWYG that is very easy to use, but as expected… is a bit lacking with regard to an advanced featureset.

WordPress, on the other hand, allows for for more advanced features and has various plugins and themes that have been developed for it that greatly change functionality. It takes a bit more time to get started, but there’s a lot more you can potentially do with it at the end of the day.

Customer Service Expectations

When contacting customer service, everyone has certain expectations. Personally, any time I call for assistance I expect:


  1. The Agent will be courteous and professional
  2. The agent will take control of the call and walk me through things once I explain what I need assistance with
  3. The agent will be empathetic and understand my questions/concerns
  4. The agent will be confident and will quickly (and correctly) resolve any issues I have or if they totally unable to, they will get me to someone who can or will try to point me in the right direction.
  5. They will avoid long hold times and will check in with me occasionally if a long hold is necessary.